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SIM Advertisement

Mobile advertisement has become essential in almost every promotional strategy and an ever-growing field that provides tremendous revenue potential for both mobile operators and advertisers.

With current mobile communication technologies and trends, plain promotional SMS messages are perceived as outdated or even considered as spam by the recipients. Moreover, plain SMS advertising campaigns do not allow advertisers much flexibility in targeting recipients or to easily collect feedback and gain useful insights. Unlike traditional plain SMS, Invigo SIM Advertisement allows advertisers to send interactive promotional messages. Recipients can also be prompted to provide a text response or a selection from a list, without the need for any additional applications.

Responses are displayed in customizable reports and can trigger consequent actions and external systems. Invigo SIM Advertisement is a stellar solution to build, schedule, launch and track SIM advertisement campaigns, allowing advertisers to target the right subscriber segments with the right mobile advertising content.
Subscriber profiles and previous input can be used when launching SIM advertisement campaigns, which leads to better customer reach and higher conversion and response rates.

Invigo SIM Advertisement is a versatile solution that can cover many use cases, such as:
• Advertising campaigns
• Surveys
• Announcements
• Collecting customer feedback
• Provisioning of services
• …And many more.

SIM advertisement messages can be received and displayed by any WIB-compliant SIM
card, and regardless of the recipient device. Invigo also offers an applet-based solution for
non-WIB compliant SIM cards.



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