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Embrace our eSIM Manager Solution

The eSIM adoption is growing at a fast rate making it inevitable for operators and consumers to quickly adapt to this new technology. By 2025, more than 3 billion eSIMs will be installed in connected devices increasing the pressure on mobile operators to adopt the right eSIM solution and embrace this change. As more businesses, manufacturers, and operators are already stepping into the eSIM revolution, the traditional SIM card will become history. This technological revolution requires mobile operators to ensure the proper framework to securely download the SIM profiles into eSIMs in both M2M and consumer devices.
Invigo offers mobile operators a state-of-the-art subscription management solution to remotely provision and manage embedded SIM cards in both consumer and M2M devices, while meeting GSMA security standards. Our eSIM Manager solution provides ultimate efficiency, security, and a user-friendly experience allowing mobile operators to enhance their connectivity and service accessibility.




Our GSMA Certified eSIM Manager Solution allows MNOs to 

their offerings and customer experience which leads to an increase in revenue and loyalty
to this fast technology to keep their services up-to-date with regulators and manufacturers and benefit  from any future opportunity 
☑️ CUT 
time and cost by replacing traditional SIM card manufacturing and distribution with a secured and seamless global connectivity
their targeted markets and revenue streams towards new businesses like M2M/IoT, wearables, automotive, etc.


We deliver services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations:

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