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Device Data Analytics


Data analytics is becoming of paramount importance for operators in the 'Big Data' era. Mobile networks generate enormous amount of data, corresponding to every single subscriber activity on the network. Thanks to its connectivity with voice and data core networks, Invigo’s device management platform gives operators access to this valuable source of information. In addition, with the increasing fragmentation of the device market, it has become mandatory for operators to have an updated and real-time view of device usage on their network.

Invigo’s Device Data Analytics module allows to monitor customer behavior and offers a detailed analysis on device change behavior on the network. It offers operators a complete view on subscribers’ used devices, device change habits, subscribers’ migration within brands, from feature phone to smartphone, or even from on operating system to another.

The Device Data Analytics module can be integrated with operator’s provisioning node to retrieve data about subscriber’s ARPU, data usage and tariff plan and cross this data with device information. This allows operators to identify new opportunities by tracking high-value customers and devices, to determine optimal device-SIM bundles, and thus to increase customer satisfaction and keep churn low. 

Group Level Device Data Analytics

Operators with affiliates scattered around the world often fail to see the big picture. While they may receive reports on specific device indicators, these reports focus only on an affiliate’s network. Invigo’s Group Level Device Data Analytics resolves this problem as it delivers detailed device analytics both per affiliate and in aggregate across all affiliates. Reports’ content can be customized based on group preference and automatically delivered to key decision makers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

Flexible Reports

Highly customizable reports based the few hundred available device attributes 
Available on monthly, weekly, and daily basis or for specific time interval
Can be viewed from web interface or downloaded to csv files

Report Examples

Evolution of market share per device brand
Migration trends from one OS to another
Penetration rate of EAP-SIM devices
Subscribers using a counterfeit device
Top ARPU devices
LTE penetration rate in a specific area


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Benefits for Operators

Real-time knowledge of device base
Assess investment decisions based on device penetration rate (LTE deployment, NFC applications)
Segment subscribers and devices (high ARPU devices, high data consumption devices)
Target subscribers with device based promotions
Define optional SIM-device bundles