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SIM Registration

With the rising concerns about criminal activities, many governments have introduced the mandatory registration of prepaid SIM card users. With mandatory SIM registration, a user is required to present a proof of identity or to register their biometrics prior to SIM card activation. Existing users who fail to register their SIM card within the required deadline will have their card deactivated and disconnected from the network.


Invigo's SIM Registration solution not only helps fight crime and terrorism, but also facilitates access to e-government and m-commerce services.

The main challenge of introducing SIM registration is to limit the impact of the process on the most disadvantaged groups and eliminate the risk of depriving them from access to mobile communications. A successful SIM registration system therefore needs to facilitate SIM registration for the disabled, old people, people with reading difficulties and foreign visitors. Invigo’s SIM registration solution is well placed to answer this need.

Moreover, Invigo’s SIM registration solution facilitates SIM registration in remote areas and implements mechanisms to prevent the emergence of SIM card black market.


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Benefits for the Regulators

  • Direct support for international SIM registration progra
  • Fight device theft, crime and terrorism
  • Fight illegal import of devices and increase tax revenues
  • Protect consumers from counterfeit devices
  • Identify the actual user of any mobile device

Benefits for the Operators

  • Prevent non compliant devices from using the network
  • Protect the network from congestion from unauthorised devices