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SIM Control

SIM cards are no longer limited storage devices for essential configuration options. They can be heavily personalised to maximise subscriber service capabilities and experience.


Invigo SIM Control enables operators to remotely provision and dynamically configure SIM parameters. This product makes the management of the end-to-end SIM card lifecyle so much easier. From activation to deactivation, every process can be managed over the air.

SIM Control also enables operators to more effectively embrace the opportunities afforded by Near-Field Communications (NFC) because it offers a highly reliable platform for SIM applet deployment.

It allows operators to remotely manage applications on subscribers' SIM cards anytime and anywhere. It provides a vendor-agnostic solution with a field-proven interoperability with all major SIM vendors.

SIM Control is a future-proof platform that offers a unified approach to managing SIM, USIM and ISIM cards. While SMS bearer is more suited to managing SIM card files for identity management, steering of roaming and rebranding, IP based bearers such as HTTP and BIP/CAT_TP supports the instant deployment of large applets in high capacity data networks. Finally, SIM control also enables operators to embrace the challenges of the ever-increasing Internet of Things technologies by enabling embedded SIM provisioning on M2M devices.


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Benefits for the Operators

  • Supports operator rebranding through
    SPN change and STK menu update
  • Delivers subscriber identity management
    through IMSI and MSISDN update
  • Steers roaming through dynamic PLMN
  • Deploy new applets such as NFC
  • Remove old applets to free space on
    SIM cards
  • Embed SIM provisioning for
    M2M devices
  • Provision IMS parameters on ISIM