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Mobile IT

Mobile devices are now key devices inside corporate infrastructures and while IT departments have solid management of desktop and laptop PCs, the same cannot be said for their company's fleet of mobile handsets.

Mobile IT is Invigo’s EMM solution to allowing operators to own the service and thus fully participate in the value chain. The solution is Line-Based where the MSISDN is the user ID, which facilitates sales and operator billing. The solution is white-labeled, where operator branding is applied. It adds deep network integration with purchasing, provisioning, billing, CRM, SSO, SMS-C, device detection, data usage and so on.


Staff now carry a small but powerful computer, which contains sensitive company data that is prone to loss, leak, or theft. With EMM, enterprises can:

•    Enforce encryption and screen-lock with password
•    Wipe device or company data in case of loss
•    Block applications
•    Apply restrictions on data sharing between enterprise apps and other apps
•    Apply a large set of restrictions such as those related to browser security, cloud storage, removable storage cards, bluetooth, and so on.
•    Route traffic through Proxy or VPN

A comprehensive approach to mobile device management can also increase staff productivity. With EMM, enterprises can:
•    Track mobile devices and SIM cards as assets
•    Distribute internal apps
•    Purchase and distribute apps from public app stores
•    Easily deploy Wi-Fi, Certificates, VPN, and many other configurations

Meanwhile, the scope of EMM is expanding to include expense control especially for mobile data usage. With EMM, enterprises can:

•    Get notified when users are roaming
•    Disable data or background transfer while roaming
•    Monitor and limit data usage
•    Split business bills from personal ones




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Benefits for the Operators

  • Generate new revenue streams from corporate customers
  • Increase revenues from data traffic
  • Make operators more attractive to corporate subscribers

Benefits for the Corporate

  • Protect company data on mobile devices
  • Secure devices against loss, theft, and virus infections
  • Increased productivity by maintaining correct device settings and deploying on device software



Invigo is an agreed MDM partner of Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and Sony



Invigo is proud of its partnership with Google on Android Enterprise, which allows us to offer seamless Android
device fleet management.

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