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IoT Device Management



The Internet of Things is changing the mobile environment as well as changing all our lives. A fully connected world delivers the promise of improving our lives. More specifically, the machine-to-machine (M2M) technology offers opportunities for innovation, for increased productivity and reduced costs through process automation. This applies to a broad range of industries including automotive, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and many others.

Forecasts for connected devices differ, but all the projections suggest huge growth in the coming years with the number of connected devices expected to reach a few billion by 2020. The expected exponential growth has, so far, been slowed down by technology fragmentation and a lack of adopted, industry-wide standards. The role of operators in addressing these challenges will be crucial to the establishment of a connected objects ecosystem.

The remote management of billions of connected devices and the provisioning of embedded SIM cards will be key factors in overcoming the challenges and realising this tremendous growth opportunity.

With its extensive experience in managing mobile devices across the globe, Invigo is well positioned to help operators manage IoT devices.
Invigo’s leading edge device management solution answers the growing need to efficiently manage an increasing number of connected devices in an increasingly complex ecosystem. The solution leverages Invigo’s extensive experience in over-the-air device management and embraces industry standards, such as the OMA LWM2M protocol.


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Benefits for the Operators

  • Places operators at the heart of the
    'hyperconnected world'
  • Establishes operators as trusted providers
    in IoT
  • Offers systems for managing embedded
    SIM cards
  • Embrace industry standards, such as
    OMA LWM2M protocol

Benefits for the Subscribers

  • Consistent management of every type
    of IoT device