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Control Illegal Devices

In many countries, banning fake IMEIs just led to the proliferation of devices having duplicate or 'cloned' IMEI numbers. The increasing number of counterfeit, substandard or stolen mobile devices represents a major challenge to regulators and operators alike. To deal with these devices and fake or duplicate IMEIs, authorities need to identify a reliable solution that prevents the usage of unauthorised devices on their networks.


Invigo Control Illegal Devices (CID) enables operators to block fradulent phones and eliminate the potential for phones with fake or cloned IMEIs connecting to our operator customers' networks. We enable operators and the appropriate law enforcement agencies to eliminate this network security risk by blocking fraudulent devices and devices with duplicate IMEIs.

CID is the first solution that enables operators to proactively and automatically block duplicate IMEIs without penalising the legitimate user.

The product works in conjunction with our EIR system to ensure that only authorised devices can register with the operator's network. It also allows regulators to fight device theft and illegal device import and consequently increase device tax revenues. Finally, CID enables low enforcement agencies to track device usage countrywide.


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Benefits for the Regulators

  • Fight device theft
  • Block fake IMEIs and duplicate IMEIs
  • Fight illegal import of devices and increase tax revenues
  • Protect consumers from counterfeit devices
  • Identify the actual user of any mobile device

Benefits for the Operators

  • Prevent non compliant devices from using the network
  • Protect the network from congestion from unauthorised devices