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Fouad Goraieb
Chief Executive Officer

Fouad is responsible, along with his co-founders on Invigo’s board, for developing and executing Invigo’s business strategy. Prior to Invigo, he led the Network Infrastructure and Value Added Services Engineering Department at France Telecom Mobile in Lebanon. Fouad holds an MS Degree in Engineering from Telecom Paristech, France.

Walid Badaoui
VP, Technical

Walid has over 20 years of experience in various fields in the telecom industry both with a network vendor and mobile operator. Walid started his career at Nortel France in R&D before joining France Telecom in Lebanon. Walid holds an Electrical and Software Engineering degree from ISEP Paris.

Abir Mahfouz

Abir has 20 years of experience in telecommunications. Before Invigo, she worked for seven years for France Telecom in Lebanon with responsibility for managing Value Added Solutions and Platforms - from design to implementation. Abir holds a bachelor of telecommunications Engineering from the Lebanese University.

Ibtissam Hajjar
VP, Products

Ibtissam has more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry focusing on product development. She started her career with France Telecom in Lebanon in 2001 before co-founding Invigo in 2004. Ibtissam holds a bachelor of Engineering from the American University of Beirut and an executive MBA from INSEAD in France.

Joe Samaha
VP, Solutions

Joe has worked in various senior product roles in the mobile and operator space for more than 16 years. After graduating with an MS Degree in Engineering from Stanford University in the United States, he was employed by France Telecom's mobile operator (Cellis) for five years to work on the company's value added services. In his role as product manager for Mobile IT, Joe works closely with key business partners, such as Orange and Ericsson.

Patrick Abi Salloum
VP, Research & Development

As well as being the company's Resident 'Geek', Patrick has over two decades of commercial programming experience. He started writing computer games at age 13 and has previously executed development projects for the American University of Beirut, Cyberia ISP, the Lebanese Army, France Telecom Mobile Lebanon as well as participating in various open source software projects.


Invigo was founded by a group of telecom engineers and business people that were frustrated by the poor quality and capabilities of device management software. Set up in 2004, the company now has over 100 clients in more than 70 countries and numbers some of the world's largest mobile phone networks as its customers. From its beginnings as a provider of flexible and affordable device management products, the company now offers a range of products to network owners and operators.

The same core group of founding executives work at the company to this day and continue to build on the global track record of the company.