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Born at the very beginning of the smartphone revolution, Invigo was created by a group of industry insiders with deep knowledge of the mobile operator business. Our solutions began with the network and now encompass the entire Internet of Things. Invigo began in 2004 as a network based solutions provider. One of our main solutions is the Automatic Device Management (ADM) product for managing over-the-air device settings, which has continued to evolve over the course of the last 12 years.

ADM is the best way of enabling services for mobile operators. It ensures that mobile network user devices are optimally configured to ensure seamless access to whatever data services are available on the operator’s network.

As devices have become more advanced, Invigo has enhanced its solutions by introducing what we call ‘two-way’ device management. This helps to resolve many of the traditional weaknesses of remote device management. With Invigo, operators can now remotely manage many aspects of device configuration, from adding and deleting applications as well as activating and deactivating parameters. Of course, we also support more traditional one-way device configuration using SMS.

With over 100 customers in more than 70 countries, Invigo is now the device management portfolio provider of choice for many global
operators and enterprises.

We have dedicated operations in Europe and the Middle East, which gives us the breadth and depth of capabilities to deliver to even the most challenging operator and enterprise requirements.

Our innovative capabilities have enabled Invigo to address the global operator market. We continue to address new markets, specifically enterprises with large fleets of devices under management. We also address and can help our customers excel in the use of new technologies, such as VoLTE, RCS and IMS.

While we have great strength in mobile device management, we can also help you more broadly with the development of your mobile strategy. For example, we can remotely configure and manage fixed devices, such as CPEs or DSL modems. The knowledge and experience gained in mobile devices detection and configuration also enables us to help operators and regulators combat device fraud, theft and cloning.

It is part of Invigo’s DNA to continuously evolve its offering by mapping our technologies closely to evolution of the mobile devices market. With our track record in remote device management, Invigo is well placed to help our customers benefit from the next big revolution in the mobile: the Internet of Things. The diverse and opportunity-rich machine-to-machine market requires robust and flexible solutions. At Invigo, we can support the remote management of everything from dongles to smart meters, and all sorts of mobile connected items that access mobile networks. 

Furthermore, Invigo is certified ISO 27001 for the Information Security Management System and ISO 22301 for the Business Continuity Management System.

Invigo is also certified GSMA SAS-SM for the eSIM Manager solution for both Consumer and M2M devices, with currently multiple live deployments for the SM-DP+. This offer includes eSIM Manager solution for Consumer only.


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